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Skilvention the best educational institute in Hyderabad where people of different ages gain an education, including physical and online courses. We provide a large variety of learning environments and learning spaces. Here you can Learn Hi-Tech Courses from highly qualified expert trainers.
We aim to unleash your potential by 21st century demanding courses like Artificial Intelligence, data Science, internet of things IOT, Circuit designing, Python, Freelancing, Cloud computing, Graphic Designing, Java, Website Designing, Website Development, Microsoft Office .
We want to empower you and polish your skills to make you an independent online earner. We provide a best education and training to the learners, as the world is going fast in technology day by day so the students can learn the new technologies and learn the best quality education

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Empowering you to learn and earn with your skills.

Leading your journey towards innovation.

Provide full assistance and offer multiple opportunities to geeks.

Empowering you!

  • Our aim to do innovation by learning demanding skill. We wat to empower the youth to earn independently and solve major issues by the use of technology.

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Message from founders

Maryam Rao

Use your talent, ability or skills to be independent. Find the light inside you. Spark the light of innovations by your skills and change the world!


Being an AI instructor , I advise you to grab the opportunity to avail 21st century demanding courses and make your venture independent. Skills always pays back.


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