Circuit Designing


The objective of this course is to provide the students an insight into analysis and design of the electronic circuits that find extensive application in such fields as computers, control systems, digital instrumentation, communications, radar etc. This course is devoted to the study of analog circuits emphasizing amplifiers. The course begins with differential amplifiers, in both its bipolar and FET forms followed by various output stages. Frequency response of amplifiers, feedback analysis with focus on practical circuit applications of negative feedback and stability problems in feedback amplifiers are also presented. This course also introduces both bipolar and MOS analog integrated circuits. Design of filters, tuned amplifiers, and oscillators are also covered in this course.


Circuit Designing​ PACKAGE 3 months
Introduction to Basic Electronics and Circuit Designing
Basic electrical vs Electronics components
working with Resistor , capacitors, and LEDs
Uses of capacitors in different circuits
Diodes and implementation of different diodes in circuit designing
Transistors and implementation of different transistors in circuit designing.
Working with different ICs