Cyber Security


In this course, students will be introduced to real-world cybersecurity challenges that organisations face, and learn to apply knowledge and skills gained through other Computer Science courses to address them. The challenges will be examined both from the attacker’s perspective (how systems are exploited) and the defender’s perspectives (how to secure systems or respond to threats). Common attack and defence strategies for software, web applications, networks, operating systems, cryptographic systems and humans will be explored. The course will also introduce cyber security management concepts, including security operations, risk management, security engineering and security architecture, as well as provide guidance on different career paths specialising in cybersecurity. This course focuses on hand-on activities, and students are encouraged to participate in public and industry cybersecurity challenges, including capture-the-flag competitions.


Cyber Security​ 3 months
Introduction to cyber security and cyber space
Importance of cyber security
Who is considered as hacker in cyber security
Types of threats
Breaches in cybersecurity (phising , identifying theft etc)
Types of cyber attacks
How to prevent from cyber attacks
How to protect mobile form threats
Social Network security
Working on prevention softwares
Critical cyber attacks
How to do defense against hackers