Data science


This course is designed to teach Data Science in a hands-on manner and prepare participants for a career in this field. The course will provide you with the complete toolbox to become a Data Scientist. Students will acquire the precise technical skills recruiters are looking for when hiring Data Scientists


Data science 3 months
Introduction to Data Science
Application of Data Science
Introduction to Big Data, Data Science, and Predictive Analytics
Introduction to Azure ML Studio
Introduction to Python Programming
Data Exploration, Visualization, and Feature Engineering
Hands-On Labs: Data Exploration, Visualization, and Feature Engineering
Machine Learning Fundamentals
Basic Concepts of Statistics and Probability
Data source and sorting out data
Classification of data types
Working with Database
Data preparation
Exploratory data analysis
Exploratory data analysis
Data analysis and Visualization
A/B testing
Implementation of probabilistic models for Data analysis
Hands on projects on Data Science