Introduces the basic features of Microsoft Office, Windows basics, and file management. Develops familiarities with word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, email, and Internet Basics. Provides an overview of the MyPCC Portal websites. Covers components of the Internet and Computing Core (ICC) program. It will enhance you to produce sophisticated professional documents in a highly efficient manner. It will also able you to share different sharing of documents and cover all your presentation projects.


MS WORD 1 Months
Introduction to Ms word
Working in the user interface
Creating, editing text and saving documents
Transforming the Look of Text under different practical scenarios
Organizing Information in Columns and Tables and working with complex tables
Working with Graphic Elements
Preview, Print and Distribute Documents
Creating Diagrams
Introduction to MS PowerPoint
Developing a PowerPoint Presentation
Performing Advanced Text Editing Operations
Adding Graphical Elements to Your Presentation
Modifying Objects in Your Presentation
Adding Tables to Your Presentation
Adding Charts to Your Presentation
Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation , apply transition.
MS EXCEL 1 Months
Introduction to MS Excel
Entering, Editing and Formatting Data
Formatting Numbers
Managing Worksheets
Modifying Rows and Columns
Understanding Formulas
Changing Views, AutoFill and Custom Lists,, Conditional Formatting , Tables , Data Tools
Referencing Formulas, Ranges and Dates, Lookups , Conditional Logic, Text Formulas,.